VR Educational Solutions

VRLab Academy

With VRLab Academy students will be performing experiments with virtual reality technology which increases the ability to learn through an immersive Biology, Chemistry and Physics experience. This makes it is possible for students to move between multiple virtual labs, perform experiments, make observations and collect data to analyze it later.

Once part of VRLab Academy, students will be able to continue their science lessons using VRLab experiments and collect enough data to be discussed with their teachers.

Using only VR goggles and their VRLab account, students are ready to access VRLab Academy. The use of a web-based approach makes it easier to manage the content without requiring any downloads or hardware debugging.

Hazardous experiments can be done without any possible physical, chemical hazards since everything happens in VR. VRLabs neither produce chemical nor biological waste hence being safe to operate with all ages of students.