E-Learning Solutions

Eduval and Claned are not your average online learning platform. It’s the only platform that includes built-in learning design elements that intuitively guide you to create better online courses. Regardless of if it is blended or fully online learning. We support course instructors and designers to create effective courses to ensure quality learning outcomes for students.

Also automatically gathers learning data from every interaction that happens on the platform, so that you can better understand and improve the effectiveness of your courses. In real-time. Our online learning platform supports any type of digital learning. From corporate training to university courses, large multinationals to single expert course creators. Join them and start creating new learning experiences for your learners.

Built-in learning design features in the platform

Ready-made course templates for different learning goals

Tailored learning and instructional design workshops with our learning design experts

Get customised learning impact and efficacy studies from our data scientists