Classroom Automation Solutions​

Interactive Flat Panels

Eduval is an exclusive Distributor for CLEVERTOUCH in Egypt:

  • Creating an innovative classroom is easier than you think with Eduval and CLEVERTOUCH —we provides a solutions that are simple to install and support, along with service that you can rely on. We make it easy to find the right technology for your schools, and offer products that are designed with students and teachers in mind.
  • CLEVERTOUCH products are designed to help students learn more effectively and develop the essential skills they need for success. Students respond to this enhanced way of learning, and teachers find it allows them to do more in the classroom, with less time and hassle.
  • Experience easy-to-use, engaging, valuable, and effective solutions for the way we teach tomorrow’s leaders today.
  • Interactive Flat Panels (IFP):

    Touch technology and collaboration brought to life, with the brilliance of CLEVERTOUCH 4K ultra high-definition flat panel Android displays.

    20-touch point 4K UHD
    Choose from 65”, 75”, and 86” models, offering all the features of a touch-driven interactive whiteboard with the simplicity and elegance of a state-of-the-art, ultra-high definition LCD display.

    Simultaneously Touch interactivity
    Up to twenty single-point touch users or ten dual-touch and gestures users can work together driving collaborative learning.

    Includes Lynx and Snowflake classroom software
    Easily create and deliver engaging lessons, and integration with our other products, including our Clevershare collaboration app.

MimioView document camera

The 4K ultra-high definition pictures and live video engages students and creates dynamic lessons. It was added to the lab as a tool to present objects and other items up on the IFP in the front of the class by simply connecting it to the computer or the display.

Take all the wonder of interactive lessons and activities and launch it even further by adding high-definition (4K) pictures or live 4K video with the MimioView™ document camera. Detailed images of the intricacies of a flower or math manipulatives are all easily seen by the entire class on the front-of-the-room display. Lessons and learning are brought to life.

The MimioView 350U document camera automatically integrates with MimioStudio™ software, simplifying adding 4K pictures and live 4K video to lessons. Teachers can display, freeze, annotate, and save all visual content.

  • Plug into a single USB computer port for both power and data.
  • Autofocus by pushing a single button.
  • Capture both dimensional objects and flat documents in exceptional detail with ultra-high definition 3,840 x 2,160 30fps imaging.
  • Save work by easily annotating images and creating files to use over and over.

OPS PC Modules

The Intel OPS PC turns your interactive flat panel into a big-screen all-in-one touch PC and powering smarter classrooms and meeting rooms. There are two types to choose from according to specifications.