A complete Digital Ecosystem

With our partner, Clevertouch, we provide a multi award winning Ecosystem with all your Audio/Visual needs covered. It is designed to inspire whilst enhancing the welfare of all its users. As the digital workspace develops, collaboration and interactivity are becoming an everyday feature. We believe in giving you the freedom to connect any device to your Clevertouch screen.

All parts of this Ecosystem connect easily to each other seamlessly. These solutions include easy to implement interactive Digital Signage system, Room booking System and all-in-one Interactive Flat Panels.

These solutions can all be managed remotely without any additional cost. which means that you can schedule content display on any of your displays wherever you are. 

Digital Signage Solutions:

Clevertouch Technologies manufactures dedicated Digital Signage solutions that are ideal for both internal and customer-facing communications.

Users can engage dynamically with a large targeted audience to display messages that incorporate media formats such as text photos/images videos, web pages RSS feeds, and social media pull-throughs.

Room Booking System

Live Rooms is a room booking solution that simplifies your meeting room booking process.  With the ability to book from your desktop PC calendar or live at the source, Live Rooms has LED lighting to see at glance the status of the meeting room ensuring staff can swiftly locate a meeting room without wasting valuable productivity time.

Interactive Display Solutions

With over a decade of innovation behind us, our multi-award-winning touchscreens are designed for ease-of-use, security, and adaptability. With sizes ranging from 55″ to 86″, PC or tablet-mode options, and a stunningly clear 4K resolution, all backed up with a five-year warranty and the lowest failure rate on the market, our range of interactive displays are the ideal choice, whatever your budget.


Other Related Solutions

We will cover all your Audio/Visual needs to complete your digital ecosystem experience. Such products include high quality meeting room cameras, microphones and a wide range of stands and wall mounts for your interactive flat panels.